Guided Online Desk Yoga

Complimentary Session by Hexa Health Dimensions Pvt. Ltd – for entrepreneurs and teams working from home


A study showed that extended sitting (5+ hours) is not only a productivity killer, but it is also the equivalent to smoking a packet of cigarettes! This leads to a downward spiral of your employee’s health, resulting in pain, headaches and sick leave – impacting heavily on your business

Introducing Desk Yoga – Anytime, Anywhere

Yoga has been an ancient and scientific tool for increasing one’s energy levels & bringing out maximum potential. It helps to increase not only stamina but also boosts immunity & hormonal balance thereby reducing the stress levels


  • Reduce stress & anxiety
  • Boost concentration & focus
  • Improve posture & self-image
  • Boost immunity & energy level

Additional benefits to work culture with physical activity programs include:

*U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Report.

Some facts

    • There have been studies regarding stress being directly related to decreased physical activity
    • It is a proven fact that 20 minutes of guided Desk Yoga which works from head to toe and can be done indoors and outdoors, helps build positive vibrations and increased energy levels thereby bringing about a positive approach towards work

Expert Profile

Mrs. Jasbir Kaur (B.H.Sc, C.Y.ed) 

  • Alumni: International Board of Yoga Education, Mumbai
  • Founder: Mind & Body Wellness Centre
  • Experience: 24 years+
  • Trained Organizations: 8+
  • Changed Lives: 1500+ across India & USA

Session Details

Dates: Between 16th May to 30th May 2020

Duration: 45-60 minutes Guided Session


  • Spine Strengthening
  • Breathing Exercises
  • Posture Correction

Elevate your physical and mental health with online Guided Desk Yoga. Register here for a complimentary session –

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