12 of the best free addictive apps to kill time with

After all, time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time
Stuck in a queue? Waiting for the train to arrive? Or just simply need to do something while in the toilet? There’s only so much Facebook browsing to do before you get bored.

Both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store are jampacked with great (and sometimes, addictive) apps to help you pass the time. Here are 12 of the best apps that you can engage in with limited time and effort. Best of all, they’re all free. Do yourself a favour and download a few – or all – of these.

Words With Friends

Sharpen your vocabulary and kill time all at once. Words With Friends is a Scrabble-like word game that pits you against either your friends or random opponents online. You get a set of letters that you create words with, scoring additional points for landing on certain tiles. There’s even solo play if you need to brush up on your word power.

Download Words with Friends on Android/iOS


Try QuizUp if quiz games are more up your alley. From mathematics, economics and history, to The Simpsons, Final Fantasy and celebrities, the QuizUp app is a fun pick up and play game with over a hundred topics and themes to really give your brain a short workout. Challenge your friends or play against random opponents from around the world.

Download QuizUp on Android/iOS

The puzzle word game WorldBubbles is your old school word search game with a twist. You’ll be given a set of letters, and you swipe your fingers along the letter bubbles to spell words. There are over 400 levels that get progressively harder, and daily challenges to keep you hooked. This is a quick, no nonsense game that isn’t

Download WordBubbles on Android/iOS


Peak is a brain-training app developed by neuroscientists and gaming experts to train and build up your cognitive skills. There are over 30 quick games to sharpen the brain, with in-depth statistics available to track your progress. The game difficulty scales with your in-game skills to always give you a challenge. Add your friends and compete with them.

Download Peak on Android/iOS

100 Balls

There’s more than a few versions of this game on both the Google Play and Apple App Stores, and it’s easy to see why. You have 100 balls you need to successfully pass into a revolving set of cups, ending back at the initial pot to increase your score. Any balls that miss the cups are lost forever. You just need a simple tap to play, though you might get lost in all the fun.

Download 100 Balls on Android/iOS

Neko Atsume is an absolutely purr-fect game for cat lovers and sparked a virtual a virtual cat-collecting trend the world over. All you have to do is set food and toys out in your in-game backyard. Turn on the app later and watch as your screen is filled with cats of all shapes, sizes and colours. You can even take photos of the visiting cats, and aim to attract elusive rare felines to your home.

Download Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector on Android/iOS

Kill time and get creative with Paperama, an origami app challenging players to be skillful and accurate with folding paper craft, virtually. The 3D folding effect makes it feel like you’re actually folding paper. There are over 70 different designs to master, with a hint function to help you when you’re stuck.

Download Paperama on Android/iOS


Timeberman is a retro arcade-style game with 8-bit graphics that’s both simple and infuriating. As the eponymous woodcutter, you need to chop the tree, switching between either sides of the trunk to avoid falling branches. As you progress through the game, you can unlock special characters like The Hulk. A game sure to make you feel like playing “just one more stage!”

Download Timberman on Android/iOS

No Brakes

Drift racing made simple. In No Brakes, you use your cute vehicle (a cube with a smiley face) and drift through 24 different tracks. No top speed, no brakes and no set direction, just simple controls and two challenging game modes to help you perfect your racing line. As a plus point, the music is quite relaxing too.

Download No Brakes on Android/iOS


StumbleUpon is the app for people looking for something quick to read to pass the time. Just let the app know what kind of topics you’re interested in, and StumbleUpon fishes the Internet for articles, photos, videos and all sorts of content related to your interest. The app gets better at knowing what you want as you keep using it.

Download StumbleUpon on Android/iOS

The perfect app to play when you er…take care of unfinished business. Toilet Time has over 20 toilet-themed mini-games that can be finished as fast as you’ve done your ‘business’. Some funny ones include unrolling toilet paper, peeing to clean the toilet bowl and a find the toilet game in first person. Accomplish missions to unlock relics from the Toilet Museum, home to the Eygptian Toilet Pee-ramid and Time Machine Toilet, among others. It’s mindless fun!

Download Toilet Time on Android/iOS


If you have loads of data, then watch some TV on TonTon. Malaysia’s number one video portal is home to hundreds of syndicated TV shows and dramas, as well as live local TV. You’ll need to sign up before you’ll be able to watch anything (it’s free). There’s an option to sign up as a paid member to get zero ads and a download option, but the ads aren’t too bothersome.

Download Tonton on Android/iOS

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